Farming simulation games are something that have become quite popular in the recent years.

Players love to invest their time in these games to take care and grow their farm.

If you have ever played these kind of games before in your life then you will know that you can easily spend hours and hours in the game. There are so many farming games that you can find online, but only a few have been able to make their mark. One of these games is known as Rule the Sky and it is much more than just your average farming simulator.

Rule the Sky is a farming simulator that you can download either on iOS or Android. Unlike most other farming simulators, this game does not take place in a normal plot of land. Instead the farm is a floating piece of land in the sky that is known as the flotia. You may think that this is a weird concept, but the truth is that by using this unique style the developers have been able to add some of the most amazing gameplay elements to the game. There are many things that you do in the game that you cannot do in other farming games.

For example, since your farm is floating in midair there are a lot of clouds that also float over your farm. The player can then use these clouds and manipulate them to water their farm. Water is an absolutely essential part of this game because it will be kind of difficult to grow plants without water. The mechanic is very easy to learn, there are a lot clouds that frequently fly over your farm. All that you have to do is use your finger to pull cloud to your crops and make sure that the cloud’s shadow falls on your plants. When you are done watering your crops, a rainbow will appear and it will give you certain rewards.

After you have planted and watered your crops, you will now have to wait for your crops to grow. Now the growing time for each crop is different which is why you need to keep a check on your farm at all times. When a crop is ready to be harvested then the icon of that specific crop will appear above the plot. The good thing about this is that if you are not online at that time, the game will send you a push notification to remind you that you have to harvest your crops. To collect or harvest the crops, all that you will have to do is tap on that icon. In return you will get XP and coins. Once you are done harvesting, you can then plant other crops at once.

When the crops are ready to harvest and you are not quick to respond then the game will punish you because your crops will go bad and will be useless. Normally, it takes the crops the same amount of time to wither as it takes to grow to full maturity. For example, if a crop takes 10 minutes to grow then it will also take 10 minutes to wilt. When the crops have gone completely bad then you will see a grey icon over your crops that will discard all of those crops. If you are going to play this game properly then you need to make sure that you harvest your crops at the right time because otherwise you will not get any XP or coins.

Rule the Sky is undoubtedly one of the best farming games that you can currently find on iOS and Android. The game has a lot of players worldwide and has received positive reviews from a lot of players. If you go on the App Store or Play Store then you will see that the game has a decent rating. If you are someone who keeps on trying different farming simulation games to find the right one, then you need to try Rule the Sky. It is different from a lot of farming games out there and it might be the right one for you.