The gaming industry has evolved rapidly over the years to accommodate the interests of multiple generations which have had their exposure to video gaming at some point in their lives. They are continuously trying to improve the quality of the games and developing newer inventive types of games which are aimed at keeping a particular section of people hitched to those games.

Farm simulation games are getting really popular nowadays among the people especially those who are frequent users of social media. Farmville is one of many such games which became extremely popular on social media due to its unique gameplay and addictiveness. However, most people are oblivious of the fact that there are certain alternatives to Farmville out there which you can try out as well.

Following are some of the better alternatives to playing Farmville;

Cube Farm 3D

The game is a key competitor in the market of farm simulation games and has managed to establish a loyal fan base for itself in a very short span of time. The game is adorned with cute graphics and animation which lets you compete with an enormous community of other players from around the world.

Hay Day

Perhaps one of the best alternatives that has gained a lot of fame and acclaim is Hay Day which is a wonderful farm simulation game which is bound to keep you addicted to it for days. Probably the most encouraging aspect of the game is that it is completely free to download and can be enjoyed on any of your popular devices. The real difference while playing Hay Day can be felt in the response and smoothness of the controls that have been coded into it.

My Free Farm 2

If you are looking for something that is built for your smartphone or tablet then this game is for you. It is a good alternative to other farm simulation games and is also free to download and play. You will be happy to see dynamic colors and a gameplay that is addictive in itself.

Little Farm

Little Farm is a game which encompasses almost all the activities that take place on an actual farm. The builders of this game have seamlessly written these aspects of a farm life in the game and players can readily enjoy these features as they first start the game. The game is free to download but is only available on Android devices

Farm Up

This is another farm themed game with all the essentials that make up for a truly amazing gaming experience. The story revolves around Jennifer who inherits a farm from her parents but has to face up to tremendous challenges in order to make it successful. You as the player take control and have to make the right decisions to turn this farm into a success.

My Little Farmies Mobile

The game is available on almost all platform and devices such as the android phone and tablet as well as the iPhone and iPad. A lot of people are already playing this game and are spending a lot of time on it. The game allows you to manage and construct your own medieval village and take the reins of the commerce to ensure that your village prospers. Players have to take care of the fields and also manage trade as well. You also get to keep cute animals in your village as well!

What Are You Waiting For?

Farm simulation games are becoming immensely popular among the masses, and more and more people are joining in on this trend quickly. In light of this raging trend and the popularity of such games, many developers started developing similar games with slightly distinct features to allow people some choices.

We have listed some of these games which have come to the scene after the fame that was received by Farmville. These games are brilliant alternatives to Farmville and ideal for someone who is looking to play a game of the same genre but with better features. You can get these games from Google Play Store if you are willing to play them on Android or you can get them from the Apple iStore if you are an Apple device user.