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MAGIC COUNTRY is pretty straightforward,
it is to educate the public about
the latest farm themed games.

Farmville is getting really popular nowadays
among the people especially those
who are frequent users of social media.

Alternative Games
Start Ruling The Sky

RULE THE SKY does not
take place in a normal plot of land.
Instead the farm is a
floating piece of land
in the sky that is known as the Flotia.

Learn about the latest and greatest FARM THEMED games on Android and iOS. With every challenge and quest you complete you will be able to increase your level and make your farm better. It is things like this that make these games irresistible.

We have listed some of these games which have come to the scene after the fame that was received by FARMVILLE. These games are brilliant alternatives to Farmville and ideal for someone who is looking to play a game of the same genre but with better features.

RULE THE SKY is undoubtedly one of the best farming games that you can play! The game has a lot of players worldwide and has received positive reviews from a lot of players.


At Magic Country, we like to play farm themed games and we only talk about the games that we have personally tried. Farming games are pretty simple and straightforward and that is one of the best things about these games

Our Favorite Games

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Nubiles ET (Entertainment)

Nubiles ET – the newest production in the library of Nubiles studio. This time we aim TV shows and all the popculture entertainment that’s popular. While we appreciate the effort of everybody, we really needed to prepare spicy version of these hits. Can you imagine all the things you watch in TV, Netflix or HBO in actual… xxx mode? This is Nubiles ET!

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Couple Swapping Series

Couple Swapping – one of the most original ideas of Adult Time studio. Watch couple swap their long-term sexual partners for the thrill of new experiences.


LilHumpers – wait for it! Nothing beats this series in 2020. It features something we all love in adult productions – the age difference between performers. We can see the approach to the pleasure with different generations, something that’s really interesting. This time it’s young guys called lil rascals and their MILF partners!

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Evil Angel

Evil Angel – enjoy the very best filth content online. Years of updates and daily additions you can be sure we won’t let you be bored. See why Evil Angel is series to go when you seek the newest trends in the filthy stuff.

Family Swap XXX - FamilySwapXXXFamily Swap XXX – are you ready to experience 2020’s way of running a family. Society changes all the time and family swapping is the next big thing. Don’t feel left out, though. Nubiles came up with this series to show you what happens what this so-called swapping happens. 4 families get together, mix it up and try to create a 5th family. With lots of fun in meantime.

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Dancing Bear

Dancing Bear – some parties are just wilder than other. Watch crazy American girls in action. Some booze, some stripper boys and they are going WILD. Real unscripted footage of the most authentic parties!


Transfixed.tube – transgender niche in its new era. Thanks to Adult Time you can now experience the biggest names in the niche in stunning 4K quality. Watch hidden desires of both men and women fulfilled by these beautiful transgender models. Real life scenarios leading to unusual encounters that redefine what being provocative means.

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Haze Her

Haze Her – see the wildest initiation rituals taking place in the dorms from the US. Girls are doing all kinds of tryouts to become true members of the college community. Whatever it takes, basically.

DisruptiveFilms.orgGayDisruption.com – gay cinema at its finest. Real life situations mixed with spicy fantasy approach. Things we all do daily leading to unplanned encounters and intercourse by curious males. Banned and found to be controversial by society it’s something you really want to see.

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